March 28, 2024
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What is a Design Strategist in UI UX Design?

A design strategist in UI/UX bridges user needs and business goals, ensuring web and app designs are both user-friendly and profitable.
Gabriel Pana
March 28, 2024
What is a Design Strategist in UI UX Design?

Everything in life needs to have a common ground. Think about food, for example. We cannot have enough sweetness, too sweet, or when everything is perfect, just the right amount of sweetness. In UI UX design, this common ground stands for a design strategist, the person who links together the two worlds – the valuable points for a customer and what can be profitable for the business. 

"Design strategy is the term used to describe the nexus between corporate strategy and design thinking." – Jahan Hussain

Web and app design needs to achieve users' needs. Their purpose is to deliver meaningful solutions and answers in an environment where users can navigate seamlessly through it. However, when creating a product or a solution, the majority of the time a profitable outcome is what keeps the business afloat. And here is where a Design strategist intervenes to make sure that everything is going as planned.

What is a Design Strategist in UI UX Design?

In the process of defining what a Design strategist means, we can first focus our attention on what strategy stands for. Meaning – the action of planning in advance or in the long term in order to achieve a goal or an overall purpose. Strategy is what helps us do better, have better user experience levels, and have a profitable business. So, naturally, it was integrated into the UI/UX design field. 

Think about the process that stands behind defining a strategy. It takes hours of research, charts, analyzing data, statistics, and annual reports in order for a business strategy to be ready and reliable. On the other hand, when we deliver a new UI UX design, we have the users and the context that can be analyzed. Yet, in both situations, the goal is the same but the tools to achieve it are different.

A design strategist helps the business grow. It oversees the design process and comes with long-term strategies that will help the business grow in the long run. Design strategists have a double viewpoint as they can see how future products might develop in the design process and preview all possible problems that we might encounter when creating them. 

Why is a Design Strategy Important in UI UX Design?

A design strategist is often introduced early on in the design process to ensure a clear approach to solving problems. He usually has hybrid backgrounds and combines both worlds to deliver the best user experience available. The purpose of the design strategist is to always seek a better solution and find the best alternatives that can deliver a good design while predicting the questions that users might have or come up with when they interact with the design.

The work of the design strategists starts early on in the design process and is there to help resolve problems when the approach and the tone of voice aren’t clearly settled.  Strategic designers usually operate in three different fields of action: research, problem-solving, and making smart decisions. 

They target the top of the cognitive pyramid, which can also be encountered as the Funny front end. This is where the strategic designer creates the guidelines and plans all the necessary details that will make the project stand out. In this stage, the strategist will also help you prioritize actions, and tasks and keep focus on the important matters. 

Solve problems and find the best solutions where human needs intersect with business needs. 

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Gabriel Pana
March 28, 2024

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