Toast - UI Element

What is a Toast in UI UX Design?

The toast is a UI element that acts as an easily customizable feedback message that appears on the users’ screen to provide them with some type of feedback. They are often displayed in the corner of an app or website’s user interface.

Types of Toasts in UI/UX Design
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Types of Toasts in UI UX Design

  • Default: The default or the basic toast allows users to act on the message it is sending to them. One example in which this can be implemented is for undoing a certain action.
  • Multiple Messages: Another option for using toast in UI UX design is to implement multiple ones - more than one toast can be displayed at once, depending on the case.
  • With Custom Duration: This type of toast UI element allows for customization in the case of how long it is displayed on the screen. The default duration of a toast is 5000 milliseconds.
  • With Action: This type of toast specifically refers to cases in which users can act upon a certain task.
  • Error: These toasts have the role of signalling to users that an error has occurred and that they will need to act upon it.
  • Success: Another type of toaster is the one that communicates to users that an action has been successful.

How to Use Toasts in Your Design

  • Text. The text that is included in a toaster should be straightforward and easily accessible to all users. We should avoid adding large bodies of text, and instead stick to simple and intuitive wording.
  • Size. Because the toast is a UI element, it needs to support visual balance in relation to the rest of the design. The sizes a toast can take are large, medium, and small, and they will take a certain size depending on the context in which they appear.
  • Color. There are two main aspects regarding the color of the toaster. The first one is that it needs to match its purpose. For example, a toast that is meant to communicate to users that an action was successful should be a shade of green. The second aspect that requires attention is that the color of the toast UI element needs to match the overall aesthetic of the website or page.

When to Use Toasts in UI UX Design

  • Purpose. As a general rule, toasters are integrated into a design in order to communicate short and brief messages to users. If longer messages need to be sent out to users, alerts should be sent out instead.
  • Mobile Use. One of the most common guidelines that should be followed in the case of app design is that toasts that have actionable areas need to be larger. They should also include a large tap area.
  • Avoid Error Messages. Although error toasts do exist, they should generally be avoided because errors can often disrupt the user experience and could potentially be dismissed by users if they are signalled through a toast.

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