Blurs and Shadows - UI Design

What are Blurs and Shadows in UI UX Design?

Blurs and shadows are effects that can help enhance the user interface. Blurs are the effect that fogs certain elements by providing a translucent UI aesthetic. Shadows provide a shadow effect to the UI elements they are applied to in order to add depth and definition.

Types of Shadows in Design

  • Unstroked Shadow

Unstroked shadows or drop shadows are among the most commonly used effects in UI design. They are applied to ensure depth and enhance a design.

  • Stroked Shadow

This type of design is usually used for neuromorphic design and they are applied inside or within an object. Its main purpose is to create a clicked button appearance.

Blurs and Shadows in UI Design
Unstroked Shadows by uinkits
Blurs and Shadows in UI Design
Stroked Shadows by uinkits

Types of Blurs in Design

  • Layer Blur

Layer blurs are applied to the entirety of an element. These are usually implemented with the purpose of blending a background element away so that the user's attention is targeted toward a certain element on the screen.

  • Background Blur

The second type of blur is only applied to the background of an element. When the background blur is applied to a design, the image appears blurred but the edge of the element remains sharp and stands out.

When to Use Blurs and Shadows in UI UX Design

  • Elevation. Added to your design, shadows and blurs suggest to users that an element is interactive, which can increase engagement with the web page.
  • Contrast. When shadows and blurs are added to different elements, they create contrast in a design which is essential for visual coherence. 
  • Enhancing User Experience. Users expect app and website design to be modern and reflect current trends. By integrating shadows and blurs it is easier to achieve a better and more refined UX. 
  • Dynamism. When a background blur is applied to a design, it can automatically raise it to a more dynamic standard, as it adds motion. 
  • Translucency. Blurs especially help create a translucent effect that can elevate the user interface.

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