Toggle Switch - UI Element

‍What Is A Toggle Switch in UI/UX Design?

The toggle switch UI element acts as an on-and-off switch. A UI/UX designer should add a toggle switch to the product design when they want a simple answer, usually yes/no, show/hide, or on/off. Their main advantage is that they simplify otherwise time-consuming user processes, like navigating and opening different pages.

The toggle switch component is also very intuitive, and it should generally be adopted to manipulate the state of a single feature. Toggles are useful for situations where our users would express certain preferences. For example, we could add an on/off toggle to the Reminders entry, letting visitors choose whether to receive reminders.

Toggle Switch in UI Design
Toggle Switches by uinkits

When to Use Toggle Swiches in UI/UX Design?

  • Toggle switches can be used when the item can be controlled independently
  • Toggle switches are one of the easiest ways the users can control and custom settings.
  • Toggle switches are used to adjust and choose between two options, yes/no.
  • This element is used to immediately activate or deactivate certain options.
  • Toggle switches can also be used to control the visibility of navigation menus.

How to Use the Toggle Switch UI Element?

  • Make the toggle switch easy to reach and observe.
  • Make your toggle switches visible in order for the user to easily notice them.
  • Use toggle switches to offer clear on-off states for the users.
  • Use labels for a better understanding of the toggle switch. Labels have the purpose of clearing the meaning of the switches.
  • Place the labels of the switches left aligned. This can help the users understand the meaning faster and at the same time, left-aligned labels will comply with the way users interpret and read content.

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