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Join our community of UI/UX designers and start designing endless product designs. Uinkits is your all-in-one Figma Design System and UI Kits featuring mobile, web, and dashboard UI elements, icons, and more.

uinkits UI PRO

Uinkits UI PRO is the ultimate Figma tool to kickstart your product designs with a complete ready-to-use library of UI elements created with Auto Layout 5.0, smart variants, and Figma's latest variable features. With uinkits, you can now design faster, easier, and more efficient than ever!

UI Components.
UI Design Projects.
UI Components  by uinkits
Finance UI Kit

uinkits UI Kits - Apps, Dashboards, Websites

Building product design takes a lot of time. This is why we decided to create beautifully and professionally designed apps, websites, dashboards, and more. Our UI kits for Figma are simple, smart, and intuitively crafted to help UI/UX designers at every skill level. We think about the small details, so you don’t have to!

Figma UI Kits.
Smarter. Faster. Easier.

uinkits Variables

Our uinkits Design System and UI Kits come with 1,000+ Global Styles and incredibly smart variables. We include user-friendly and cool color schemes, smart typography systems, spacing and radius options, and so many effect styles!

Global Variables and Styles.
Color Modes (including Dark mode).  
Dark Mode UI Components by uinkits
Figma UI Icons by uinkits

uinkits UI Icons

Icons are one of the most essential UI¬†elements in product design as they have the ability to replace words and increase the user experience of a product.¬†This is why we created so many!¬†Our library contains all the icons you need to create your perfect UI design in Figma ‚Äď in many different styles.

Figma Icons.
Icon Categories.

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You can design 10x faster, easier, and more creatively than ever with our complete uinkits design system for Figma. What would have taken you 5 hours to design, now takes you just 15 minutes (and much less stress)! And the time that was once dedicated to creating just a single project can now be spent developing five projects! Uinkits has got your covered! 

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