Illustrations - UI Design

What are UI/UX Illustrations?

When it comes to UI design, illustrations communicate different messages through the use of imagery. These can take the form of sketches, drawings, graphic design, and even prints. They hold a lot of artistic value and are usually created to elevate and decorate designs. Besides being instrumental user interface elements, they also enhance the UX.

Types of UI UX Illustrations

In UI design, illustrations can come up in multiple forms:

  • Theme Images
  • Sketches
  • Hero Images
  • Blog Article Images
  • Characters
  • Mascots
  • Tooltips
  • Notifications
  • Stickers
  • Marketing Banners
  • Animations
  • Prints

How to Use Illustrations in UI/UX Design

Illustrations allow a lot of flexibility because they can take many forms and can be adapted to virtually any design. The main elements that should be considered when designing illustrations are that they should match the layout, colors, typography, content, and the entire aesthetic of the website or app design.

When to Use Illustrations in UI/UX Design

  • Evoke Emotions. Illustrations are one of the most commonly used strategies for igniting emotions in users. And for the most part, UIs that have the capacity to evoke feelings in visitors are the most successful ones. 
  • Enhance UX. Besides improving and elevating a user interface, illustrations can also enhance the user experience a lot. A good set of illustrations can make a page feel more welcoming and interesting, which attracts users.
  • Increase Engagement. Illustrations are a big part of modern design, which is why users expect digital designs to include them. One of the reasons for their spiking popularity is that they are proven to increase engagement with a web page when used correctly.
  • Storytelling. One advantage of designing illustrations for a website or an app is that they can deliver ideas and concepts in a much quicker and effortless way than text could. It is way more convenient to integrate a drawing or a graphic design into a page than to describe it in hundreds of words.
  • Brand Identity. Illustrations are part of a brand’s overall image and can help to support its message, values, and aesthetic. 
  • Relatability. It is much easier for users to relate to a website or an app when they feel more human - and illustrations do provide web designs with a more personal and empathetic. 
  • Dynamism. When an animation is added to an illustration, it instantly creates a dynamic effect that is very suitable for the playful and energetic web page.
  • Originality. While many websites and apps follow similar layouts, color schemes, and themes, illustrations can be the defining differentiating factor between them. Illustrations can make a page become original.
  • Memorability. A strategy for making a digital page more easily remembered is to integrate illustrations into it.