File Upload - UI Element

What Is the File Upload Component?

File upload components are UI elements that allow users to upload content from their devices. 

File uploads are usually found in forms, but they also appear in chats, dialogs, modals, and other sections where users are required to upload files or attachments. They can also be standalone elements that work individually on a user interface. File upload components are triggered by clicking on it to upload. But for a better user experience, they should also be drag-and-drop. 

Types of File Upload Components

File upload UI components can be presented in three ways, depending on the available space and the design goals of the user interface. 

  1. Input Only

When there is limited space – especially on mobile screens – a simple file input field can be used. This type of file upload component is represented by a text input box and a “Browse Files” or “Choose File” button. 

  1. Drag And Drop Add-On

With drag-and-drop add-on file upload, users can drag files from their device and drop them into the designated area within the interface. This has the same format as the “Input Only” type but with the addition of the possibility of a drag and drop feature. This is more suitable for larger screens – such as laptop or desktop screens. 

  1. Drag and Drop Area Only

This can be used when the main focus is on uploading files. This file upload type can be used without an input field. Make sure the elements within the file upload are intuitive so that the user knows what to do.

File Uploads in UI Design
Types of File Uploads by uinkits

How To Use the File Upload UI Component

  1. Anatomy

The anatomy of the file upload UI component typically contains:

  1. Size and Styling

Use icons relevant to the files expected from the users. The icon and text weight should be similar – don’t use a bold icon next to a light text label. Make sure to maintain consistent spacing on all sides – the line height of a typeface should not exceed the height of the actual characters. 

  1. Status

The input field of the file upload component has five status properties: none, done, warning, error, and loading

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