Map - UI Element

What Is A Map in UI Design?

Maps are visual representations of geographical locations. The main purpose of maps in UI design is to help users easily identify the position of certain locations on the globe, as well as calculate the distance between different selected spots.

Maps in UI Design
Map by uinkits

Anatomy Of A Map

A map generally consists of four elements.

  1. Zoom Functions
  2. Reset to the initial view
  3. Marker
  4. Map

Map in UI Design
Types of Maps by uinkits

How To Use Maps in Your UI Design

  • Contrast. Maps can be visually complex due to all the elements they encompass. This is why it is essential to pay attention to the contrast between different elements, such as fields, mountains, and water areas. 
  • Information Density. The more we zoom in on a map, the more information is revealed to us. This should be the standard - if we reveal too much data at a time, the map becomes redundant and inaccessible. Fortunately, with digital maps, it is a lot easier to control how many details are displayed at a time.
  • Hierarchy. The two main design elements that we should regard in map design are color and scale. In the case of color, we would highlight details that have a higher priority - for example, the route between two destinations selected by the user. A good example of scales is that the capital city will always have a more prominent text, that is usually bigger and written in bold.
  • Legibility. A map is of no significance unless users are able to read it without difficulties. When designing the map, we need to pay attention to details such as color, sizes, and text, because they can heavily influence the overall readability of the map.

When to Use a Map in UI UX Design?

  • Spatial Orientation. One of the most important features of the map UI element is that it offers the possibility for users to look up different locations they may be interested in by accessing the navigation system. 
  • Contact Address. In the cases of many websites or apps, especially if we are talking about businesses and institutions, users may want to know where the headquarters or different locations belonging to these are. In this way, we can integrate a map in our UI design to help users quickly identify the address of our business, or those of related entities.
  • Data. Certain maps have the quality of showcasing countries based on specific data. For example, a demographic-based map may show the distribution of people around the world based on traits such as age. By implementing these features for maps, users can access statistics more effortlessly.

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