Rating - UI Element

What is Rating in UI Design?

Ratings represent a visual representation of the user’s feedback. The users have the ability to express their thoughts and feelings regarding a product, service, design, or app without any repercussions.

Ratings in UI Design
Ratings by uinkits

Types of Rating Design

  • The binary method – that type of review gives the user the possibility of quickly offering their opinion regarding a certain subject. This is a fast and easy method to gather data and not overwhelm the user.
  • Textual review – Allows this type of rating design allows the user to express their experience and share their opinion without any place of interpretation. At the same time, users are encouraged to add any photos.
  • Close-ended questions – this type of rating design can be encountered when describing a problem or when asking for a quick opinion regarding the product.
  • Scale or range – Tthese can be used by the user to rate the degree or certain services and products. These types of ratings require minimal effort and time spent by the user completing them.
  • Scale and close-ended questions –  Those  these types of ratings combine a scale and a close-ended question in order to deliver a more accurate review. At the same time, it offsets the user the ability to choose whether or not to enter more specific information.

When to Use Ratings in Your Design?

  • Ratings should be required only after the user has tested or tried the product or the service. Every designer should avoid asking their users for their feedback before interacting with the product, app, or service.
  • The UI element rating needs to be placed only after the users interact with the product and avoid as much as possible interpreting the user. Asking for feedback while the users are experiencing the app can feel overwhelming and trigger a bad user experience.
  • Ask for the users’ feedback only when needed. Requiring multiple times the users' feedback can feel like a burden and can influence a lower response rate followed by more negative feedback.

Use the Rating UI Element in Your UI/UX Design With uinkits

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