Chat - UI Element

What is a Chat in UI Design?

Chats are a collection of UI elements that work together for messaging purposes in websites and mobile or software applications. It represents the design and the overall layout of a chat application – whether it is peer-to-peer messaging or chatbots. Chats support sending and receiving text messages, videos, documents, emojis, audio recordings, etc.

Chat Elements in UI Design
Chat Elements by uinkits

When To Use Chats

A chat is a UI element used mainly for:

  • Community-Based Applications;
  • Collaboration-Based Applications;
  • Live Chat for Customer Support or Sales Assistance;
  • Chatbots.

How To Use Chats in UI/UX Design

The UI element chat is used to facilitate collaboration and communication between the users. Most users are already familiar with the behavior of messaging apps, so it’s best to stay near the universally recognizable layout when designing chats.

  1. Message Preview: The message preview shows a summary of the content of all the messages sent or received. It lets users see a preview of who they received the message from and what it contains before they open it.
  1. Input Field: Chat input fields are the base of implementing chats in UI design because this is where users type and send their messages. These fields should allow multiline editing because users should see the entire message before sending it.
  1. Chat Bubbles: Chat bubbles are the visual representation of the messages users send each other. Use different colors for the receiver and the sender’s message bubbles to help users distinguish between their messages. Pro Tip: Go for round the corners of the chat containers as they look more pleasing to the eye.
  1. Buttons: Every chat should include a “send” button or icon indicating the action to be made – sending messages. You can use the keyboard’s support, such as the ‘Enter’ key, to allow users to submit messages without the need to reach for their mouse and click the button manually.
  1. Timestamps: Chat timestamps are UI elements crucial to display the time and date of a message – both when it was received and sent. They indicate the timeline, context, and chronological information.
  1. Avatars: Avatars are UI elements that represent a thumbnail of a user or a business’ identity in the interface. It can display icons, images, or text and be used in any virtual environment – social media platforms, user accounts, etc.
  1. Typing Indicator: Typing indicators are UI elements that are activated when the sender is currently typing a message. It helps avoid confusion and gives the receiver an idea of when they will receive a response. Use universally recognizable visual cues to indicate the presence of typing indicators – such as a little text with “User is typing” or an animated speech bubble.

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