Chart - UI Element

What Is a Chart in UI Design?

A chart is a UI design element that aims to organize data. At the same time, charts help the user see and analyze the information received, making it easier to comprehend. The design of the chart needs to be adjustable and adaptable for the targeted audience. A chart needs to inform the users with clarity and be aesthetically pleasing.

A useful chart needs to help the users better understand and process data and gain information. The insights from charts can guide the users to make decisions and act based on that knowledge.

Types of Charts in UI/UX Design

The main types of charts are pie charts, donut charts, line charts, bar charts, radial charts, composed charts, and scatter charts.

  1. Pie charts – These types of charts are designed using a round shape, and each slice represents a different category illustrated. Pie charts are easy to understand, as the size of the slices is proportional to the category or value that they represent. Charts can be used when the data provided is not divided into too many categories. 
Types of Charts in UI Design
Pie Chart by uinkits

  1. Bar chart – Bar charts can be horizontal or vertical.  They are designed using rectangular bars of different sizes to illustrate the differences between the categories displayed.  The values are represented by the length or height of the rectangular lines. This type of chart is usually used in business or financial areas to showcase different points in time. One axis represents the time spent and one the changes that have occurred over a budget.
Types of Charts in UI Design
Bar Chart by uinkits

  1. Line and wave charts –  Those charts can represent values about the provided data, express comparisons, bureaucracy, or even highlights, trends, and patterns over a period of time. The chart is usually divided into two axes, X and Y, and a line representing the activity of the specific values depicted in the analysis. Line charts are commonly seen in scientific research, data analysis, business, or finance, as they can demonstrate the rate change or the direction (growth and decrease) with the help of the line that is placed between the two axes.
Types of Charts in UI Design
Line and Wave Chart by uinkits

  1. Radial chart – A radial chart is easy to interpret and deductible, also known as a circular bar chart. It can hold more options than a pie or o donut chart. The different sizes from the chart represent the percentage of the different aspects making up the whole product.
Types of Charts in UI Design
Radial Chart by uinkits

  1. Donut chart – This chart is similar to a pie chart. Close to a pie chart, donut charts are used to represent different classifications. The content is identical in both charts as the difference stands in slightly different shapes.
Types of Charts in UI Design
Donut Chart by uinkits

When to Use Charts in UI Design

  • Use charts for a faster and better understanding of data.
  • Graphs should be helpful and counterintuitive. Make sure that users understand what you are sharing and that the comparisons are on point.
  • Use graphs to represent the variability of certain data. Use different textures for the graph lines to represent the different stages. Don’t use different colors to express the variability of the same data category

How to Use Charts in UI Design

  • Have a clear vision of the data you need to showcase. Some charts might require numbers or they can be a categorical graph. Establish a visual consistency and hierarchy in order to deliver a readable and precise message to the users.
  • Create a readable chart in any environment by maximizing the width of the chart. The design needs to have the elements large enough to be seen and understood by any user. This includes labeling and placing the elements deductible.
  • Choosing the right colors for a design is mandatory when designing charts. Colors carry meaning and can help clarify information and make charts intuitive. Colors can represent quantity, highlight important messages, or distinguish categories.
  • Ensure that the axis used to create the charts is placed correctly and labeled appropriately and accordingly with the information.

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