Media Player - UI Element

What is a Media Player Component?

Media players give the user permission to play videos, music, or sound files. Media players communicate information, display multimedia content, and have the ability to enhance the user experience. Sound can deliver helpful knowledge and can trigger responses and feedback in response to the user's activity or interaction with the elements. 

Media Player in UI Design
Media Players by uinkits

Types of Media Players

  1. Video player – for video content.
  1. Podcast player – for sound content.

How to Use Media Players

  • Keep the focus on the playing content – In the moment the media player is opened the UI is no longer the center of attention. If the users choose to play a video the focus should be solely on the content and not on the UI design.
  • Speed change – give the users the ability to go backward, forward, skip, or change the speed of the media that is playing. 
  • Offer flexibility for the users – users need to have the ability to change the quality of their video and see which one fits their screen best.
  • Make them deductible – Ensure that the user understands how the media players work by using explicative language and introducing subtitles.
  • Use CTA – Help your users by suggesting similar content and using CTA phrases and buttons such as “swipe for more” and “play next”.
  • Expose the video content to its true aspect ratio –Scaling the video correctly should be the designer's priority in order to deliver an aesthetically pleasing design.
  • Avoid mixing up audio from different sources – mixing audio and playing background sounds for more elements can become irritating and cause confusion. So, once the user switches the focus from the element the audio should be automatically switched off.
  • Media players need to be deductible and guide the users through the design.

Use the Media Player UI Element in Your UI/UX Design With uinkits

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