Corner Radius - UI Design

What is the Corner Radius in UI/UX Design?

In user interface design, the corner radius refers to the rounded corner where two lines intersect. When the corner radius is at 0, it means that there is no rounding. The more the value of the corner radius is increased, the rounder the edges of a design element will become.

Examples of Use of Corner Radius

Corner radius can be applied to UI components in various ways, depending on the aesthetic and end result that is sought. 

  • Corner radius for a design element that has a specific background color.
  • Corner radius for a design element that has a background image.
  • Corner radius for a design element that has a border.

Corner Radius in UI Design
Corner Radius by uinkits
Corner Radius in UI Design
Corner Radius by uinkits

How to Use the Corner Radius - Best Practices

  • When to Use. The corner radius can be applied to various design elements, such as basic shapes (triangles, rectangles, stars, etc.), frames, and boolean operations that involve rectangles, as well as vector networks that have a closed shape.
  • Enhancing UI. One of the main purposes of integrating corner radius into a website or app design is to enhance the visual aspect. 
  • Accessibility. It has been psychologically proven that humans associate sharper objects with danger. This is why implementing round corners to UI design components can make the UI more accessible and pleasant for users. Corner radiuses are also responsible for softening a design.
  • Usability. Another advantage of applying corner radius to design elements is that it can increase usability by making it easier for users who are visually impaired to navigate a website or an app. This is because it makes it harder for elements to get lost and blend in with other elements on the screen.

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