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What Is a Form in UI UX Design?

In the world of UI design, forms are elements that gather information from users. Even more so, because they collect useful data for the system, they are crucial parts of digital design. At the same time, forms manage to increase customer usability and experience and contribute to the visual aspect of a page.

Types of Forms in UI Design
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Types of Forms in UI Design

They are the most popular type of component used in forms, also known as free-form text. We will usually ask for information such as the name, address, and password, as well as other data that is specific to each user. When you expect your users to fill in more text, you could use a text area instead of text input fields. These have bigger containers that allow visitors to write more words.

This field type is meant to help users select a day, a month, and a year. One of the main advantages of choosing this form is that it establishes the right separators, such as commas. This will clear up potential confusion and ensure that users follow the same pattern so data is easy to stock. The most common order for date pickers is MM/DD/YYYY.

Also known as dropdowns, they present users with several predefined options they can choose from. We should use this interactive list for subjects such as country of origin, sizes for different clothing items, and many more. They can usually be actioned by tapping on a down arrow.

When dealing with a list with many entries, we can implement search fields to help our users find the right choice quickly. Using a selection control eliminates the possibility of misspelling answers, which can be detrimental to the process of data gathering.

These interactive UI elements allow our users to select one choice from two or multiple options. Radio buttons should be used when we need to highlight options and ensure that our users read all options.

This element acts as an on-and-off switch. We should add a toggle to our form when we want a simple answer, usually yes/no, show/hide, or on/off. Their main advantage is that they simplify otherwise time-consuming user processes, like navigating and opening different pages.

It is also very intuitive, and we should generally adopt it to manipulate the state of a single feature. Toggles are useful for situations where our users would express certain preferences. For example, we could add an on/off toggle to the Reminders entry, letting visitors choose whether to receive reminders.

The primary use of a checkbox is to tick an option On and Off. Although it is often confused with drop-downs and radio buttons, there are some standard cases in which checkboxes are preferred.

Form Design - Best practices

  • Simple and straightforward content –The UI label should always be placed above the container so our users can easily determine which one belongs to which input box. The use of upper case letters should be avoided for labels as they make them more difficult and annoying to read.
  • Group Related Items – Grouping related items into sections encourages our users to continue filling in the data.
  • Start with easy questions – Close-ended questions are suitable for the beginning because they require specific answers. Due to their less complex nature, they are very appropriate for compiling accurate data.
  • Align Labels to the Right – In UI UX design, the right alignment supports symmetry which is a key visual element in designs. Besides, it helps the users follow a more clear path when completing the form.
  • Display errors at the right time –  Inform our users about this as soon as they type something wrong so they can easily solve the issue. Always signal the user about errors in order for them to be patient and let them finish filling the line in. It is neither professional nor beneficial to spam visitors with countless warnings.

When to Use Forms?

Forms are UI elements used when we want:

  • To gather data more easily.
  • To filter and inform users about certain benefits or limitations.
  • To group related information.

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