Speed Dial - UI Element

‍What is The Speed Dial Component?

The speed dial component is an essential design element that gives the user the ability to access any link at a faster pace when there are more actions available. The links and attributes are added directly to the element and can disable, open, direction, position, ripple, and modify certain.

FAB normally represents the notorious actions that can be found on the screen. The speed dial is one of the behaviors of a FAB.

Speed Dial in UI Design
Speed Dial by uinkits

Types of Speed Dial Design

  1. Regular
  2. Mini
  3. Extended

How to Use Speed Dial Component

  • Use it to represent the most encountered actions from actions.
  • Include them only when necessary.
  • Use a speed dial to create, share, or explore further actions.
  • Use the same color pallet as the one from the design.
  • Include at least three actions but no more than six.
  • A Speed dial can include contacts.
  • A speed dial should not contain an overflow menu

Properties of Speed Dial Component

  • Modifier – has the aesthetic appearance of the component.
  • Ripple – if the speed dial element poses this feature, the button will have a ripple effect when the user interacts with it.
  • Position – it represents the vertical and horizontal positioning of the components
  • Direction – it specifies the direction the items are placed
  • Disable – it represents if the element is disabled or not
  • Open – it represents if the menu is open or not

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