Color Picker - UI Element

What Is a Color Picker Component?

A color picker is an essential tool for any designer. It allows the user to select and adjust a color value by entering the HEX/RGB color value from a certain string of colors. Color pickers help the users customize their color pallets and choose the perfect accent and primary colors. This element gives the user the ability to choose a specific color from a predefined color palette or to pick a custom color with the help of an HSB selection interface.

Color Pickers in UI Design
Color Picker by uinkits

What Does HEX Mean?

HEX colors are HTML codes that stand for the representation of hexadecimal color in RGB format due to the combination of three colors. The purpose of the HEX code is to humanize the HTML code and make it more appealing. They are a way of connecting the users and the color format digitally. 

Example - Red HEX Code: #FF0000

What Does RGB Mean?

RGB, also known as a device-dependent color model, stands for red, green, and blue. With this method, those three colors are combined in order to attain as many color combinations as possible. RGB is commonly used to display images and electronic systems on TVs, computers, and other electronic devices.

Example - Red RGB Code: 255, 0, 0

What Does HSB Mean?

This abbreviation stands for hue, saturation, and brightness. HSB takes care of the colors of red, green, and blue color schemes (RGB). Those terms are used most of the time to reflect the difference of each pixel.

Example - Red HSB Code: 0°, 100, 100

When to Use the Color Picker?

  • The color picker can be used when beginning a new project that requires its own color palette. It gives the user the possibility to customize and find the perfect colors to represent the design while using the ROYGBIV color spectrum.
  • The color picker can also be used to remember recent colors used and keep consistency more easily.
  • A color picker is an essential tool in any project as it helps designers modify transparency which can be very helpful when creating a gradient. This feature gives the user the ability to use and define multiple colors along the gradient.
  • Color pickers also use an eyedropper tool which can be helpful in matching the colors of any existing elements from the design.
  • This design component can also be used to provide predefined colors to incorporate into your design.
  • A color picker can be used to define the colors while having the ability to enter the color value or the HEX code and receive the specific color.

How Does the Color Picker Work?

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