Mega Menu - UI Element

‍‍What is a Mega Menu?

Mega menus are UI elements that use large pop-up windows to showcase lists of items that would otherwise not be available to access. These alternatives are very suitable for websites that have many categories and subcategories.

Mega Menus in UI Design
Mega Menus by uinkits

Types of Mega Menu

  1. Horizontal Mega Menu

The most common type of mega menu is displayed horizontally on the top or the bottom of a web page. These menus are most suitable for websites that have a significant amount of categories and subcategories because they offer them the necessary space.

  1. Vertical Mega Menu

As the name suggests, these menus are displayed vertically and are usually part of sidebars and fly-out menus that appear from the side of the page. These are great fits for web pages that lack the amount of horizontal space.

  1. Tabbed Mega Menu

Tabbed mega menus are based around a tab navigation that allows users to choose between various categories available in the menu. One of the main advantages of implementing tabbed mega menus is that it simplifies content organization.

Mega Menus Best Practices

  • Intuitive Labels. Users should be able to determine what each entry of the mega menu refers to without putting in a lot of effort. This is why we should use a friendly, accessible, and recognizable language register for it.
  • Grouping Options. Although mega menus have the role of offering more space for large menus content-wise, we should not risk overcrowding them. A good solution for avoiding this is grouping related items into subcategories.
  • Spacing. Links represent a crucial part of any mega menu. A mistake we should stray away from is not allowing enough space for links to be clickable. Therefore, it is important to take this visual element into consideration as it directly impacts usability.
  • Pay Attention to Triggers. It is important to pay attention to the way a mega menu can actually be actioned - if users keep triggering it by accident, it means something is wrong with it and it can easily become frustrating.

When to Use Mega Menus

  • Engagement. One of the main advantages of designing a mega menu for a web page is that it has been proven to result in higher user engagement.
  • Navigation. Another popular reason why designers implement mega menus is that they support easier and more straightforward navigation. Users find mega menus intuitive.
  • Increased Mobile UX. Websites are not the only ones that can benefit from the integration of mega menus. A good mega menu will be responsive and create a user-friendly interaction.
  • Discoverability. Because mega menus have the capacity to integrate more entries and categories, users will not need to search for countless sources. This can increase overall discoverability.

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