Alerts & Notifications - UI Element

What Are Alerts & Notifications in UI Design?

Alerts & notifications give users the possibility to access critical information. Notifications and alerts have the ability to deliver fast and valuable guidance, details, directions, or knowledge that can be understood by the user at a glance.

An alert lets the users know when a problem occurs or when their actions might cause the destruction of data or certain inputs.

A push notification requires your user's permission in order to appear. After agreeing, the user can access the settings and choose between certain types of notifications based on their style and urgency. 

Types of Push Notifications in UI Design

Depending on the platform and their purpose, notifications have different anatomy:

  • Banner or view-style notifications: These are used on a Lock Screen, Home Screen, Home view or desktop;
  • Badge notification style: These are used over an app icon;
  • Item notification style: These are used in Notification Center.

Notifications in UI Design
Push Notifications by uinkits

Types of Alerts in UI Design

  • Warning – Warning alerts are typically used to grab users' attention and convey important information about potential issues or actions they need to take. Use the color yellow to create an inline warning alert element.
  • Error – Error alerts show users that they have incorrectly introduced the data into the input text or that the action has failed. This type of error is used in forms, lists, cards, sections, or modals. Inline errors in forms need to appear directly under the wrong input field. Use the color red to create an inline error alert element.
  • Success – Success alerts show users that their action has been successfully finished. Use the color green to create an inline success alert UI element.
  • Information – This type of alert is used to communicate non-critical information or provide users with helpful details. These alerts are generally used to enhance the user experience by offering additional context, guidance, or updates that are not urgent but can be beneficial for users. Use the color blue or grey to create an inline information alert UI element.

Alerts in UI Design
Alerts by uinkits

Use the Alerts & Notification UI Elements in Your UI/UX Design With uinkits

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