Input Text - UI Element

What Is an Input in UI/UX?

An input text is a general term used in UI UX design that represents any user interface component that gives the user permission to enter or input a text. Input fields are an important element of the UI/UX design, being used in different situations with the main goal of obtaining information or data from the user. 

Input Text in UI Design
Input Text by uinkits

Types of Input Fields

  1. Single-line UI text field.

Single-line text fields use only one line of text, and as the cursor reaches the right edge of the field, the input line will automatically scroll in order for you to see what you are typing.

  1. Multi-line UI text field.

With this type of input, we have the ability to see all the input at once, as the field will expand depending on your needs. At first look, a multi-line UI text field will look similar to a single-line UI text field, so the design will keep its aesthetically pleasing appearance and, at the same time, will have the capacity to take in a larger UI text.

  1. UI text areas.

For this type of input, the UI text field is taller. The UI text overflows into a new line. When using the UI text area, you expect larger responses and also encourage users to fill in larger responses than the ones expected when you use one-line inputs.

How To Use Input Text Fields

  • Clarity. Input text fields should be easily distinguishable from one another. This can be ensured by choosing the right color and outlines for the fields.
  • Efficiency.  Users should be able to effortlessly understand what type of information they are being requested.
  • Consistency. Visual consistency is extremely important for any website or app. Input fields should also support the same aesthetic that is perpetuated by the page.
  • Discoverability. Text fields need to stand out so that users can easily identify them on a page.
  • Labels. Input labels should be straightforward and intuitive. Simplicity is key here, and as few words as possible should be used in order to inform users about what type of data they are expected to fill in.
  • Placeholder Text. We can often integrate placeholder text into our input fields because it helps users understand what they need to complete.

When to Use Input Text Fields

Input fields are designed to provide a space for users to fill out different types of data, from personal information such as age and occupation to details like flight destination and shipping addresses. Because they have so many uses, almost every website and app includes input fields and text.

What Are The UI Input Field States?

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