Text Editor - UI Element

What is the Text Editor in UI/UX design?

A text editor is a UI element displaying an input field that allows users to enter long-format text. Text editors can be found both on smaller and larger screens and on any digital platform.

Text editor represents a window where users can view, create, edit, and update multiline and scrollable text in the user interface. It supports using the universally recognizable format and styles and uploading files.

Text Editor in UI Design
Text Editors by uinkits

When To Use Text Editor in Your UI/UX Design

The text editor component is used in platforms for content creation – for example, content management systems, blogging platforms, or website builders. They can be found in messaging-based apps – for example, emailing.

The text editor component is also used in writing HTML code. On one window is the rendered content, while the other is the corresponding text in HTML. When users enter a text in one window, the other window updates automatically as well.

Anatomy of the Text Editor - Best Practices

  1. Text Editor Container

The text editor container is the entire area that supports the text editor component.

  1. Toolbar

The toolbar is the control panel where users can access formatting options and tools. It is placed at the top of the text editor, above the text area, or at the bottom, under the text area.

  1. Formatting Options

Within the toolbar, there are various editing and uploading options:

  • Font Styles – bold, italic, underline, strike
  • Font Sizes
  • Text Color
  • Alignment
  • Lists
  • Hyperlinks
  • Quotes
  • Embed
  • File Upload – images, documents, audio messages, videos.
  1. Text Area

The area where users type, view, edit, and format their text.

How To Use Text Editor in Your Design

Make the Height Adjustment Automatic

When creating the design for the text editor, you should take into account that it should be able to automatically adjust its height according to how much the users wrote. The more content it is, the larger the text editor should be as well. This should be visually represented through a scrollable window.

Make it static only if the user has a pre-defined number of words allowed to write.

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