Code Snippet - UI Element

What Is a Code Snippet?

Code Snippets are UI elements are made up of small blocks of code that can be reused, copied, and inserted into a code file. These blocks of code can be used to memorize good code that we can reuse for future designs. In a way, code snippets are similar to basic paragraphs, because we often save them to revisit them later for various reasons. 

Code Snippets in UI Design
Code Snippet by uinkits

Types of Code Snippets

There are three main types of code snippets:

  1. Single Line - represents a singular line of code.
  2. Multi-line - These code snippets have the capacity to show more or fewer strings.
  3. Inline Snippet - This represents a block of text that is used inline with sentences and paragraphs.

When to Use a Code Snippet in UI/UX Design

  • Efficiency. The most common usage for code snippets is for increasing productivity. Due to the fact that these blocks are reusable, we can save a lot of time.
  • Group Collaboration. Because different teams will have different coding patterns. By saving these specific coding patterns, collaboration between team members can be greatly improved.
  • Consistency. Because code snippets provide the possibility of sticking to already known and saved patterns, the design work can maintain consistency more easily. By following similar blocks of code, we can ensure a steady end result
  • Documentation. Code snippets are also useful in the research phase, as they help users to start off quicker.

How To Use a Code Snippet in UI/UX Design

  • Correct Text. When we are creating code snippets it is important to use the proper wording. This is mainly to ensure that when a user copies the code to a clipboard, it does not break.
  • Copy Button. It can be helpful to add a tooltip to a copy button because it ensures efficiency. The feedback provided by the tooltip should be concise and intuitive so that the user easily understands what will happen if they choose to action the button.
  • Placement. In what concerns the position, we should align code snippets vertically to the grid with other components on the page. 

Use the Code Snippet UI Element in Your UI/UX Design With uinkits

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