Templates (Devices)

What is a Device Template?

A device template is a pre-designed layout of various devices – for example, smartphones, tablets, monitors, etc. – or visual materials – for example, websites, posters, and so on. They stand as the starting point when creating a UI design.

Device templates are used by designers to respect specific requirements regarding certain devices or materials. Device templates display how a layout looks on those devices to make the necessary changes. For this reason, they help visualize how a user interface design will look in the real world. 

Designers use templates when creating mockups. For example, a designer might start from a website template for a desktop screen and then use that template to create the entire product design. 

Device templates mimic the screen size, aspect ratio, and layout of other devices or visual materials. This way, they are also useful for creating interactive prototypes. The user will be able to understand the product’s functions and its behavior on specific devices. 

Responsive Design:

Device templates provide already-designed device mockups. These include options for various devices with multiple screen sizes and orientations. 

That’s why designers use device templates to test the responsiveness of a design. They insert their mockups into these different templates and preview how they behave on those devices. This helps them understand (and fix) how UI elements reshape themselves to accommodate various screens.