May 9, 2024
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The Guide for Presenting Your UI UX Design to Stakeholders

We need to be clear and make sure that stakeholders understand our point of view regarding the UI UX design.
Cristi Fonea
May 9, 2024
The Guide for Presenting Your UI UX Design to Stakeholders

Yes, creating a meaningful design is what UI UX designers should have in mind when starting out a new project - whether it is a web design, an app design, or even creating a design system.

However, presenting your design to non-designers such as your stakeholders is just as important as crafting a good design. Stakeholders can interfere with your design and will give their opinions and bring their contributions regarding your design. And, for a good interaction, communication is key. 

As with any activity that requires human interaction, communication needs to be on the best of terms. We need to be clear and make sure that stakeholders understand our point of view regarding the UI UX design. But, at the same time, we need to understand their needs and respond accordingly. Yet, if the terms are a bit blurry for you, let me shed some light on them.

What are Stakeholders in the Design Process?

Regarding on the project, stakeholders play a big part in the design process. Regarding the size of the project, stakeholders will be there overseeing the business lines and making sure that everything is going according to the plan. Stakeholders can be seen as leaders of the project, shaping the guidelines and making sure everything stays in order. Usually, stakeholders are outside the working teams and can offer an objective overview of the web or app design. However, it is important for a UI UX designer to remember that stakeholders are outside the product and design teams, so, they are interested to find out how your app or web design will get them closer to their goals and business direction.  

Yet, designers tend to get their minds stuck on the little details and forget that stakeholders aren’t usually interested in nitpicking visual details and seeing how buttons work. So what should you pay attention to when preparing for a meeting with the stakeholders?

What to Expect as a UI UX Designer?

Don’t talk about design principles 

Explaining your web or app design and how you respected all design principles won’t cut it. A meeting with the stakeholders is not the place where you should be talking about the right combination of elements and the perfect size of your buttons. Design principles play a big role in design but you should be aware that they are not the right influence when it comes to winning the room. When you are presenting your UI UX design you should be inspiring, and win your audience’s trust rather than lecture them on the subject. 

You came from different worlds

What makes sense for you, will probably be foggy for the stakeholders. Think about it. You are leaving breathing design, it’s perfectly normal for you to have a different vision than the audience when you are talking about an app or web design. After you have spent a pretty hefty number of hours on a design your vision is clear, and you have created a path that can be easily understood by you.  However, the stakeholders don’t know all your initiation and inspiration that were involved in the design process. 

Imagine reading a book and you almost finished it. Let’s say you lend the book to your friend and they start reading from the last chapter – they will be lost. On the other hand, you are impatient to see what happens next. So, take them to the beginning.

The UI UX design it’s only a piece of the puzzle

It’s important to always keep in mind that for stakeholders the design of the product is only a small part. Although you might get caught up in the design process this is not when it comes to the stakeholders. They see the design as another piece that gets everything moving forward. So, take advantage of the time you were offered and make the best of it.

Tactics to Winning the Stakeholders on Your UI UX design

To win your audience you should come prepared and speak their language. If you get the chance to be the one in charge of the presentation, make the best out of it and try toand remain calm. After all, you know all that there is to know about that project. But, for a better strategy, follow the steps I’ve come up with to help you lead the best presentation.

Create the link between your design and the business goals

When you go grocery shopping you usually have a list and know what you need from the store. However, there are times when the grocery store employees will try and get you to buy some product you don’t really need. So, don’t do that to your UI UX design, find what your audience wants and offer them the response needed. 

And, when it comes to the stakeholders this is usually about the link between the design and the business goals, or how can impact your design to the company’s goal. Don’t forget – we are all working towards the same goal and your UI UX design should do that too. 

Be explicit and precise when presenting the UI UX design

You are presenting your you have been working on for a fair amount of time. So, don’t expect your audience to understand what you are working on from the first few moments. Be explicit and speak their language. 


You know how they said it – practice makes perfect, so, be sure to come prepared. Make a plan and stick to it even more so if you are in your first stakeholder meetings. Talk about the planning, context, demo, and wrap-up. 

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Cristi Fonea
May 9, 2024

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