February 19, 2024
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What is a UI Kit? 23 Best Figma UI Kits and Design Systems for 2024

A UI Kit is a pre-made set of UI components. Learn more about what is a UI Kit, what is a design system and the best figma UI Kits and designs systems.
Cristi Fonea
February 19, 2024
Best Figma UI Kits and Figma Design Systems for 2024

We can all be product designers. Nowadays, we only need Figma and the right design resources, and we just created a UI UX design – whether a mobile app design or a website design. 

Indeed, building a website from scratch can be quite a difficult and time-consuming task – especially if you’re still a junior UI/UX designer or a startup with few resources. So, in this situation, the quality of it will directly depend on the tools we choose to implement. 

In a world where technology evolves almost daily, sketching it on paper has become redundant. Think about it this way – rarely do we manually complete specific repetitive tasks. Regardless of the industry. 

This is the case for UI/UX design as well. UI Kits are precisely the right tools that we can introduce into our UI UX design processes. The good news is that some great and free UI Kits are available for Figma. So, we are always looking for ways to optimize this process and find a way to gather all these repeatable components. This way, we can be organized and more productive. And this is where design systems and UI kits came to save the day!

If you want to start using Figma UI Kits to your advantage, we’ve got you! We’ll cover everything you need to know about what is a UI Kit is, the benefits of a UI Kit, and the difference between a UI Kit and a design system. Even more so, we’ve curated a list with the absolute best Figma resources and UI Kits that you can use. 

Figma Logo. What is Figma?

What Is Figma?

Figma is a web-based app that allows us to do graphic design work, from creating mobile app design interfaces to prototyping and wireframing websites. Compared to other design editing tools, one of Figma's main focuses is collaboration, making it an excellent alternative for creative teams to share and develop ideas. Figma allows us to operate directly on a browser. Figma UI kits help designers easily create user interface projects. 

What Is A UI Kit?

A UI kit, also known as a UI design kit or user interface kit, is a library of pre-made UI components, styles, variables, and other Figma resources that can help us create product designs. Whether it is an app design, a website design, a dashboard design, or different UI designs, implementing a UI will reduce our work as we don’t have to rebuild every component from scratch. 

These UI kits can also appear as an App Kit, a Website Kit, or a Dashboard Kit. These design resources have become even more popular, with more and more people starting to use Figma when building their products. 

If you want to map all the elements you need when creating an app or a website, you can use a UI kit that will save you time and lead to higher productivity levels. In a UI kit, you will encounter buttons to design elements like images, graphics, and templates. The best part about UI kits is that they are responsive and organized, so you can find everything you need quickly. This brings us to your advantages when using a UI kit.

How to Use UI Kits?

As an old saying goes, “Time waits for no one,” and neither do deadlines. We sometimes feel like time is running out, but when time is the problem, we can always find a shortcut to help us deliver the best UI UX design solution available. When time stresses us out, we might neglect the quality of our design to provide it at the right time. And there is nothing worse than delivering a design that you don’t like. But the solution is waiting for us to make the call and use a UI kit in order to deliver faster designs and still be the creative person you are. 

Let’s imagine the next situation. You are just starting out a new project that you are very excited about. So, naturally, you need to do your research and start the creative process in order to put your ideas and thoughts into something your client can see. 

But, as you already know, the creative process might take up more time than you would expect. And the clock is thinking, and your client is waiting. But your savior has come to rescue you and helped you create the design faster, as a UI kit holds already-made elements that can be reused in multiple projects. So, next time you are overwhelmed and stressed, try UI kits and see how they can help you.

UI Design kits help us deliver the best design while staying focused on our goals by delivering options for your design. A UI kit enables you to stay focused on your goal. When designing, every little element is crucial. So, you try to give it your best all the time to deliver your best projects. And it’s normal! But, for a non-designer, your cards or your buttons won’t really matter. If they understand their usability, the rest is history. 

A UI kit creates productivity and efficiency by developing elements that can be personalized and used by a designer or by everyone from a team. It makes accessible libraries that can store assets and later be used or integrated into a design. UIUi design kit allows you to create a website or an app from scratch, only needing your personal touch when it comes to customizing your existing elements. 

Why Should You Use A UI Kit?

The best way to realize the power of a great UI kit is to start using one. So, we should know the main advantages of using UI kits:

  • Speed – One of the more obvious benefits of implementing a UI kit into your design habits is that it makes the entire process quicker. But because we can easily use the pre-made and ready-to-use UI components, it means that we, as UI/UX designers, don’t have to start from scratch each time. We can simply update components across our design with a few changes according to our needs, and we’re good to go. What would have taken us 5 hours to create takes us 15 minutes (and a lot less stress). 
  • Collaboration – They say two minds are better than one, which could not be more true regarding UI/UX design. A design system is a shared language for everyone on our team. It creates a shared vocabulary for all designers (and others participating in the design process) to collaborate and communicate efficiently. No more guesswork, no more lost-in-translation moments, no more misunderstood emails. Everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goal. 
  • Consistency – As UI/UX designers, we have different styles and different preferences. By taking this approach, we can ensure that our websites and apps are more cohesive from a design perspective. Why? Because the UI Kit will automatically do that for you. This way, every component adheres to the same style, creating a cohesive brand experience. 
  • Detail Orientation – However, a UI kit can cover those details that we often overlook when designing individual components. But they become extremely obvious when looking at the whole design. This is where UI kits become not only a necessity but a must. It’s all about eliminating manual adjustments. Now, you don’t have to update each font or color across the entire design manually. 
  • Making Changes – One of the great advantages of using UI kits is that they allow us to implement changes whenever necessary. For example, if we modify one UI element, so will the other similar elements. 

uinkits - UI Components

What Includes a UI Kit?

A UI kit is a library of pre-made UI components, styles, variables, and other Figma resources that can help us create product designs. Whether it is an app design, a website design, a dashboard design, or other UI designs, implementing a UI will reduce our work as we don’t have to rebuild every component from scratch. 

These UI components have been previously designed and can be easily customized in various future projects. Our uinkits design library includes all the UI components necessary to build a platform from scratch. 

The main components of a UI Kit are: 

How To Choose The Best UI Kit?

The purpose of a great UI Kit is that it should be easily adopted by you, by your team, or well.. pretty much everyone else. And the best UI Kit for you can be adapted to any idea or project that you might have.

The UI components depend on each Figma UI Kit and design system. This is why it’s important to choose the best UI kit that fits all your needs and might even come with extra Figma resources. There are a lot of UI kits, but they are not the same. So, let’s dive into some examples of the best Figma UI Kits available in the UI UX design world. 

Best UI Kits and Design Systems

If you’re looking for the right Figma UI kits, we’ve got you covered! Here is the list of the best UI Kits that you might want to try.

uinkits Design System and UI Kits
  1. uinkits Design System and UI Kits

Uinkits is your complete Figma design system and UI kits, and it is one of the best Figma resources currently available in the UI UX design world. This well-built UI kit consists of a wide array of UI components, icons, styles, and various UI elements crafted with 100% Auto Layout 5.0, smart variants, and WCAG accessibility. 

Our uinkits design system and UI kits were created for Figma designers to help them build, design, and develop faster, easier, and so much more efficiently than ever before. Now, all UI UX designers can simply create their app design, website design, dashboard design, and so many other product designs. 

We started uinkits from the same desire that you have – to create beautifully designed apps, websites, and much more. What we realized doing so was that we could also help other UI UX designers. This is why uinkits comes with the mission of building smart systems. 

Our uinkits design system elements – including Figma variables, UI components, Figma icons, and everything you need for your design – are ready, responsive, prototyped, and ready for usability testing. All you have to do is take your UI design component, and you’re ready to use it in your designs!

“Our design process used to be chaotic, but since implementing this design system, everything just flows smoothly. It's a time-saver and a creativity booster!”

uinkits UI components

One of the best things about uinkits is the usage of variables. These have the property of facilitating quick iterations for numerous design styles. Uinkits currently has a light and a dark mode, and they plan to release styles built for every color from the ROYGBIV system. With a great variety of styles, uinkits offers designers the perfect environment to create using all the design rules for building elements.

The uinkits Design System includes:

  • 23,000+ UI Components and Variants
  • 1,000+ Global Styles and Variables (including light and dark modes)
  • 320+ App Kits, Dashboard Kits, and Website Kits
  • 5,200+ Icons and Logos
  • Responsive Behavior and Auto Layout
  • Made for Figma for Figma Designers

uinkits.com – Download the uinkits FREE version or get your uinkits PRO package for $119 USD.

Flowbite Website
  1. FlowBite

FlowBite’s Figma UI kit is designed for Tailwind CSS and is great for both UI UX designers and developers ready to create their product designs. FlowBite’s design system and UI kit were built by Themesberg, a great website for those looking for themes, templates, and other UI kits for Figma, React, Tailwind CSS, and Bootstrap. 

FlowBite’s UI kit includes most of the elements that a UI UX designer would need, such as dropdowns, buttons, navigation bars, modals, Figma icons, and other more complex interactive UI elements. Even more so, it also includes various responsible pages that we can use in our design process. 

“Every UI UX designer should have this as a Figma resource!"

Learn more about FlowBite’s UI Kits and FlowBite pricing. 

Pegasus Design System 2.0 Website
  1. Pegasus Design System

As a popular multi-purpose UI kit, Pegasus Design System offers over 1,000 components to its users, around 400 original Figma icons, and a dark and light theme style. This UI kit is very suitable for designers who are collaborating with clients who demand string branding themes to be displayed routinely throughout the design. 

Pegasus’ UI Kit has developed versions for both Figma and Adobe XD, and it’s great for UI UX designers, developers, front-end engineers, and all product managers. 

“Jumpstarting a design system? Pegasus might be the perfect resource.” 

Learn more about the Pegasus Design System and Pegasus pricing. 

Ant Design System Website
  1. Ant Design System

Another well-known Figma UI kit is Ant Design, which is appropriate for larger projects. The most distinguishable quality it has is that it is inspired by one of the most recognizable React UI Libraries - Ant Design. One of the benefits of using this UI kit is that it has been long enough in the digital design market to adapt to different trends. It is mostly used for design projects that require developers to gather assets before it will be implemented. 

The Ant Design library is great for app design and website design, especially if you’re a developer using React. Even more so, the Ant Design System has also created a version available for Adobe XD. So, whether you’re a Figma designer or a UI UX designer using Adobe XD, Ant Design System has got you covered! 

“The Ant Design System for Figma has helped me deliver designs and projects faster and easier.”

Learn more about the Ant Design System and Ant Design System pricing

BetaCRM UI Kits Website
  1. BetaCRM

Whether you want to design a customer management dashboard, a productivity tool hero dashboard, an entire CRM system, or any other SaaS tool, BetaCRM is your best option. BetaCRM’s UI Kit offers various pre-made desktop and mobile pages, as well as over 200 UI components specifically for CRM Figma templates.

BetaCRM has developed versions for every UI UX design tool available. Whether you design in Figma, Adobe XD, Sketch, or even Photoshop, BetaCRM has got you covered. And it’s pretty cheap!

Learn more about BetaCRM UI Kit and BetaCRM pricing. 

Frames X Website
  1. Frames X UI Kit

Frames X is one of the only Figma UI kits with a design handbook to help you better understand how to use Figma and other Figma resources that will improve your design process. This eBook of 94 pages will also teach you how to build and implement a design system. 

The Frames X UI Kit has over 6,000 pre-made and ready-to-use UI components, all crafted with Auto Layout and available in both Light and Dark mode. Even more so, they have also built hundreds of Figma icons, color, and typography styles, and over 500 “design blocks” so that you can kickstart your product design faster and easier. 

If you’re new to Figma or even a senior looking to speed up your design process, Frames X might be a great start. 

Learn more about Frames X UI Kit and Frames X UI Kit pricing

Disy Design System Website
  1. Disy Design System

Disy Design System is a minimalist and human-centered UI kit that is great if you want to speed up your design process without spending a fortune on it. Disy offers over 3,000 UI components and variants crafted with Auto Layout, 600+ Figma icons, and a massive library of styles. 

Disy’s UI Kit offers one of the smallest libraries of UI elements, so it might not be suitable for a large project. However, despite its size, it provides high-quality Figma components and follows Figma best practices. Plus, it’s also one of the cheapest design systems on the market!

Learn more about Disy Design System and Disy Design System pricing. 

Cabana Website
  1. Cabana

Cabana is a UI Kit with powerful UI components crafted with Auto Layout 5.0 and WCAG accessibility, variables and tokens, light and dark themes, and a fantastic color and typography system. Even more so, the best thing about Cabana is that they also offer design blocks – pages for desktop, mobile, or tablet screens. 

So, whether you need a hero dashboard, a sign up page design, or a simple front page design, Cabana has covered you! However, they don’t provide design blocks for an entire page. But don’t worry – you can quickly assemble your mockups in Cabana. 

“Cabana is everything you need to design kick-ass products!”

Learn more about Cabana UI Kit and Cabana pricing. 

Landify UI Kit Website
  1. Landify UI Kit

Landify is a Figma UI Kit great for creating marketing or landing pages. It includes over 170 UI design blocks, 500+ UI components and variants, Figma icons, and amazing color and typography styles. 

Besides its ease of use, Landify’s UI also helps UI UX designers create responsive designs for all screen sizes. It also includes mobile and table breakpoints – something that a lot of the UI kits available right now tend to skip as it might bloat your Figma design files. But because of how slim it is, Landify’s UI Kit was able to include these breakpoints as well. 

Learn more about Landify UI Kit and Landify pricing. 

iOS 16 UI Kit on Figma Community
  1. iOS 16 UI Kit

If you want to design for iOS or simply a mobile app design, this unofficial iOS UI kit is for you. This file includes hundreds of UI components, demos, iPhone icons, and other free Figma resources that are great for any type of product design. And as a bonus, the iPhone mockups also include Apple’s Dynamic Island. 

All the UI components from the iOS 16 UI Kit are crafted with Figma’s latest update of Auto Layout 5.0, Component properties, and WCAG accessibility. Even more so, you can have everything in the Figma UI Kit in both light and dark mode. 

The best part about this iOS UI kit is that its creator, Joey Banks, made it available for free in the Figma Community. So, if you’re looking for a free UI kit to design mobile apps, you might want to consider it. 

Learn more about the iOS 16 UI Kit for Figma Community. 

Apple Design Resources - iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 on Figma Community
  1. Apple Design Resources – iOS 17 and iPadOS 17

This is the one if you’re looking for the official iOS UI Kit. In 2023, Apple officially joined the Figma community and provided the first UI kits for iOS systems for free. Apple has stated that they will add improvements, new features, and other Figma libraries for tvOS, watchOS 10, macOS, and other Apple operating systems.

Apple UI Kit offers all the components, pages, color and text styles, and everything you need to create realistic iOS designs and mobile apps. It includes a comprehensive library of essential elements, such as banners, alerts, notifications, widgets, home and lock screen templates, and many other pages that are necessary to build an iOS design. 

Learn more about the Apple Design Resources – iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 for Figma Community.

UI Prep Website
  1. UI Prep

Next, we have UI Prep’s UI kit available on Figma. This design system gives you the ability to immediately swap instances and the capability to use grid layouts while designing. The system design allows you to create UI designs from your app and websites. All while complying with the UI/UX design principles. The UI kit also provides a series of Figma courses to strengthen your knowledge.

UI Prep’s Design System is fully tokenized with variables, UI components crafted with Auto Layout 5.0, over 100 Figma icons, and various page examples. UI Prep is great for students, designers, agencies, teams, and, well.. everyone who wants to create their own product design. Plus, you can also make use of the quick Figma tutorials on how to use this UI Kit in your design process. 

Learn more about UI Prep and UI Prep pricing. 

Untitled UI Website
  1. Untitled UI

Untitled UI is currently one of the largest UI Kits for Figma and covers an impressive amount of functions that are helpful for all UI UX designers, product designers, developers, and everyone on your team. This UI kit is based on Figma’s golden standard practices and offers over 10,000 UI components, 4,000+ Figma icons, and other easily customizable variables. 

Untitled UI components are organized for you to be as productive as possible and are very suitable for creating high-quality product designs. The Untitled UI team has created a preview of the Figma file so you can see what you’re getting before committing to a UI kit for your design process.

Learn more about Untilted UI and Untitled UI pricing

Preline UI Figma
  1. Preline UI Figma

Preline UI is a free design system and UI kit for Figma. The UI components are created with Tailwind CSS styles and Auto Layout 5.0, available in light and dark modes. The UI Kit includes all the essential components, a 12-column grid system, variants and properties, and fantastic typography and color styles. 

If you want to implement a design system and UI kit into your design process without making a significant investment or just want to try it out, you can try this free UI kit that Prepline has made available. 

“Preline UI is a game-changer for anyone working with UI development!”

Learn more about Prepline UI and check out the file in the Figma Community

The Designership Design System Website
  1. The Designership Design System

The creator of the Designership Design System realized how easy it would make the design process if you had a UI Kit. And this is why he decided to create well-crafted essential components that we could use. 

The UI kit is a powerful and customizable file with over 6,000 UI components and variants crafted with Autolayout 3.0, 150+ global styles and variables, and 2,800+ Figma resources. And as a bonus, we also get 140+ marketing templates. 

“Comprehensive package that includes everything you need. Shipfaster UI is all you need in one package.”

Learn more about the Designership Figma Design System and Designership pricing. 

Karma Wireframe Kit Website
  1. Karma Wireframe Kit

Karma Design System is a wireframe kit with over 1,200 UI components that can be adapted for any type of app design, website design, and even dashboard design. Karma lays the foundation for fantastic product designs and helps you easily generate low-fidelity products. 

We’re recommending Karma Wireframe Kit because, despite all wireframe kits available on the market, this is the only one that uses Autolayout and Figma best practices. Besides a wireframe kit, they also provide a user interface kit at a similar price.

So, if you’re putting a lot of accent on wireframing, this is the time to try this wireframe kit. You won’t regret it! 

Learn more about the Karma Wireframe Kit and Karma Wireframe Kit pricing. 

Module UI Kit Website
  1. Module UI Kit

Module UI Kit is a neat, simple, modern Figma UI Kit. They offer 2,000+ UI components made up of building design blocks and created with Auto Layout, free Figma icons that you can use in your design, and a pre-defined style system with cool fonts and colors. Even more so, it is also created with a baseline grid of 4x and a spacing system.

The best thing about Module UI Kit is that you also get a detailed and informative tutorial so that you can easily learn how to use their UI kit and design system. The Module UI team has created a preview of the Figma file so that you can see what you’re getting before committing to a UI kit for your design process.

Learn more about the Module UI Kit and Module UI Kit pricing. 

Nucleus UI iOS UI Kit Website
  1. Nucleus UI iOS UI Kit

If you want to build mobile app designs but are also on a budget, the Nucleus UI iOS UI kit is here. This free UI kit is available for Figma, Sketch, and Adobe XD, and it follows the principles of iOS Human Interface Guidelines. 

Nucleus UI iOS UI Kit is a style library, UI components library, and its variants created with Auto Layout. Even more so, Nucleus has built its pages and components to have a responsive behavior so that you can easily control how your product designs look on multiple screens. 

Learn more about the Nucleus UI iOS UI Kit

The Design Encyclopedia on Gumroad
  1. The Design Encyclopedia

The Design Encyclopedia UI Kit is a Figma library of hundreds of UI elements and UI token variants. It includes over 200 UI components, Figma icons, and page templates – all available in both Light and Dark mode. The Design Encyclopedia team has created a preview of the Figma file so you can see what you’re getting before committing to a UI kit for your design process.

“It is the most robust design system outside of an organization...and even then, most organizations don't have anything this epic!” 

Learn more about the Design Encyclopedia

Keep Design System for Figma Website
  1. Keep Design System for Figma

Keep Design System is another beautifully crafted and well-documented design system and UI Kit that can be used for Figma designs. It includes over 10,000 UI elements and variants created with Auto Layout and responsive behavior, 230+ unique blocks, and over 50 pages with both mobile and desktop versions. 

They’re currently working on the newest UI Kits versions, including a Webflow Component Library, React Library, templates for Nextjs, Vuejs and Svelte Library, and Framer Library. So, check them out!

Learn more about Keep Design System for Figma.

Stratum UI Design Kit
  1. Stratum UI Design Kit

Stratum UI Design Kit is one of the largest libraries of UI elements, with over 1,000,000 possible UI component variations with their variants and properties. This will help you create a mobile app or website design in seconds. They also provide an entire Figma icon library, typography, color styles, and various page templates.

The cool thing about Stratum UI Design templates is that they also provide you with the time it takes to create a specific design. Whether it is a hero dashboard, a sign up page design in Figma, or even a website, all have “designed in x min” attached. 

Learn more about Stratum 2.0 UI Design Kit and Stratum 2.0 UI Design Pricing.

Figma Material UI Design Website
  1.  Figma Material UI Design

If you want to create mobile app designs specifically for the Android operating system, Figma Material UI Design is for you. They follow the Google Material Design principles (hence the name) and can be used to create any type of Android app. 

It comprises over 150 essential UI elements, such as buttons, labels, and many other pre-made and reusable components. Besides this, Figma Material UI Design also has 25 prebuilt layouts of user interface screens, such as Login, Checkout, and Sign-up – all based on UX best practices. 

Figma Material UI Design provides a Free UI Kit and a Pro Version with more advanced features. 

Learn more about Figma Material UI Design.

73 px Design System for Figma on Gumroad
  1. 73 px Design System for Figma

73 px is a design system and UI Kit for Figma that includes all the essential UI components to build almost any product design. It is both a UI Kit and a Wireframe Kit to easily generate low-fidelity products and create wireframes and prototypes. 

So, if you’re putting a lot of accent on wireframing and customization, this is the time to try this wireframe kit. You won’t regret it! 

Learn more about the 73 px Design System for Figma

uinkits – Our Figma Design System and UI Kits

We at uinkits understand the importance of inputs in great user experiences and creating amazing UI designs. That’s why we’ve developed a Figma UI Kit with design components that include these essential UI elements that enable you to design intuitive and user-friendly interfaces effortlessly.  

“You press the button, we do the rest,” – Kodak.

Inspired by this iconic tagline from Kodak, we believe in simplifying the design process for you. Our Figma UI Kit, uinkits, is a complete design system with UI components that allows you, as a UI UX designer, to create your products as quickly as pressing a button. 

Our design system includes components, icons, variables, cards, buttons, and everything you need for your design process. All you have to do is take your UI design component needed, and you’re ready to use it in your designs!

Cristi Fonea
February 19, 2024

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