April 23, 2024
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Top 10 Free UI Design Tools in 2024

Find out the 10 best free UI design tools that are guaranteed to simplify your design process, as well as teach you how to improve your UI UX designer skills.
Cristi Fonea
April 23, 2024
Top 10 Free UI Design Tools in 2024

Designing could be easier than you think! You just need the right tools!

Website or app design, and coming up with smart solutions and a new vision for different projects are some of the most interesting and fulfilling aspects of our UI design work. However, sometimes, we might find ourselves having more challenges than usual. For a design to come to life, you will need more than the urge to work and create, you will require special tools and software that will help you get the job done. 

If you are a UI UX designer who is at the beginning of their design journey, you probably don’t have the means to invest in costly software and a monthly subscription. So, if you are looking for the best free UI design tools to help you get started on your UI UX journey, you came to the right place. 

UI Design vs. UX Design

First of all, you need to decide whether UI or UX design will be your focus. And if you are not sure what the difference is between the two of them, we are here to shed some light for you. Although there are plenty of UI UX designers out there, it may be a good idea to kick off your career by aiming at one of them specifically. In a nutshell, UI design stands for user interface, meaning that the UI design is what you use to interact with a product, while the UX design needs to see if the whole process is done smoothly and how it feels for the user.

You also need to understand that the UX design and the UI design work hand in hand to create the best product for its users. The UI designer focuses on his main goal of creating the best interface with interactive elements while having a beautiful design. All while, the UX designer is focused on generating a relevant and meaningful experience for the user.

And now that we have all of that figured out, let’s see which ones are the best free UI design tools available on the market!

10 Free UI Design Tools

  1. Figma

If you are just starting out you need to know that Figma is the most used app for designing. This platform provides one of the largest communities for designers and earned the hearts of many by creating a platform that can be used easily online and gives you the opportunity to create strong functional prototypes. 

  1. Sketch – for students' free

If you are looking for software to use in your Mac ecosystem you came to the right place. Sketch is one of the design applications you need to give a try and see if it works out for you. It has a large components library and if you are already familiar with Figma, Sketch has a similar interface. The available plugins give you the opportunity to create a great UI UX design and if you are jumping into a project mid-design you will get the hang of it pretty fast. However, the tool is only free for students, but once you have the license you are not required for any renewal. 

  1. InVision

This UI UX design tool can be separated into two versions – the online platform and the desktop utility with its Studio avatar. However, the two of them have different utilities, as the browser version has its focus on prototyping already existing designs. And, on the other hand, the desktop version provides you with more in-depth software that offers vector drawing, animations, smart swipe-up transitions, shared libraries, up-to-date animations, and even synced workflows. And the best part is that the free plan includes up to three documents and ten active users. So, you and your team can work in global sync and receive real-time updates.

  1. WordPress

This platform is one of the best UI design tools you can use offering you an open-source content management system also known as CMS. With WordPress, you don’t have to worry about making any changes as it is a highly customizable and flexible software. Even more so you have a wider variety to choose from and where to get inspiration as it has thousands of themes available to use.  And, you can also add almost any feature you want as the plugins available give you the opportunity to create more easily. 

  1. Webflow

If you are looking for a low-code no-code platform you find the right one for you. Webflow doesn’t require you to know any programming languages, so there’s no need for you to know HTML or CSS. However, the platform is mainly used for website design with drag-and-drop features that will save your life. Even more so, you can add interactions and create prototypes that can be delivered and checked by the programmer. So, it gets rid of a lot of the manual work that would have been involved in the programming and prototyping, also reducing the costs. Webflow also allows the clients to see how the website would look and how it would behave. 

  1. Proto.io

If you are looking for plugins to make your design process faster Proto is the right design tool for you. With this design software, every UI UX designer can use plugins like Sketch, and Adobe XD to cover all the necessary tasks that come up in your website or app design. Proto also uses templates which include icons and animated icons which will help you create a more interactive and fun design. The platform has incorporated a sound library and sound effects that can also boost your design. And, let’s not forget the platform is browser-based, so you can access it from anywhere, and check any updates that were made. 

  1. Elementor

This UIi design tool gives you the opportunity to create amazing designs while creating the best user experience. It has many plugins that will help you when designing and choosing the right path for your design. And, an amazing part about Elementor is that it can be used by designers of all levels of experience. So, you won’t have to worry if you are just at the beginning of your UI journey as its interface is easy to use and the software has a list of beginner guides.

  1. Shopify

Shopify is one of the biggest platforms that help you create and build websites. It has over 6000 integrations and with its integrations, you will be able to create good e-commerce websites. The UI design tool also has 24/7 customer service, however, you will receive only a limited number of free themes. So, if you are looking for a more complex design platform you might need to choose another one.

  1. Origami Studio

If you are a Facebook designer, chances are that you already know what Origami is. This platform helps you create and design with the help of comprehensive tools, having an easy-to-use interface. Origami gives you the ability to import your designs and projects from Sketch and Figma, even more so giving you the ability to add interactions and animations. And the best part is that with this UI UX design software, you can add different layers to your prototypes. 

  1. Uizard

If you are looking for a software design product that is compatible with Google Slides, Powerpoint, or Keynote, Uizard offers you just that. This product is one of the UI design tools that is known for its capability of creating digital products and for its ease when it comes to sharing and showing your design to others. As key features, Uizard also can provide low-fidelity UI UX designs and also has a drag-and-drop feature that will help you navigate and create more easily. 

uinkits – Our Figma Design System and UI Kits

We at uinkits understand the importance of creating great user experiences and amazing UI designs. That’s why we’ve developed a Figma UI Kit with design components that include these essential UI elements that enable you to design intuitive and user-friendly interfaces effortlessly.  

“You press the button, we do the rest,” – Kodak.

Inspired by this iconic tagline from Kodak, we believe in simplifying the design process for you. Our Figma UI Kit, uinkits, is a complete design system with UI components that allows you, as a UI UX designer, to create your products as quickly as pressing a button.

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Cristi Fonea
April 23, 2024

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